Supreme Nachos
Chips covered with shredded beef, ground beef, pork or chicken and beans, ranchero sauce, melted cheese, guacamole and sour cream.
Guacamole Dip
Served on a tortilla shell filled topped with cheese.
Grilled and filled with melted cheese and salsa.
Quesadilla Rellena
Filled with shredded beef, ground beef, chicken or chorizo with melted cheese and salsa and sour cream.
Fajita Meat Quesadilla
Filled with beef or chicken, melted cheese and topped with ranchero sauce. Served with sour cream.
Tapatio Dilla
Filled with cheese, bacon, mushrooms, sweet green chiles, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.
Queso Fundido
Melted cheese with your choice of Mexican sausage or shrimp.
Bean Dip
Special blend of refried beans, salsa and cheese served with chips.
Jalapeño Poppers
8 Jalapenos filled with cheddar cheese, breaded and fried. Served with salsa.
Cheese Dip
Melted white or yellow cheese served with warm tortilla chips.
Quesadilla de Camaron
12 inch grilled flour tortilla filled with melted cheese and grilled shrimp. Topped with Ranchero sauce and served with guacamole and sour cream
Spinach Dip
A blend of cheeses and spinach served hot with warm tortilla chips.

Chef's Garden

Taco Salad
Choice of shredded or ground beef, pork, or chicken served over beans, topped with sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes.
Fajita Salad
Beef or Chicken served with avocado, tomatoes and hard boiled egg.
Choice of beef, pork or chicken, served over cheese and chips with beans, lettuce topped with sour cream and guacamole.
Shrimp Salad
Shrimp served with avocado, tomatoes and hard boiled egg.
Ask for your favorite dressing.

Soup Specials

Say Adios! to the weekend hangover!Beef honey tripe with hominy.
Tortilla Soup
With avacado
Vegetable Soup
Carrots, squash, potatoes, cabbage, poblano peppers and corn. Cooked in a fat-free chicken stew.
Pozole (Available Saturday and Sunday)
Mexican soup that is rich in flavor! Pork chunks simmered until tender with hominy. Garnished with cabbage, lettuce, radishes, chopped onion and lime.


- Award Winning Salsa To Go!
Award Winning Salsa To Go!!
1 quart mild
Award Winning Salsa To Go!!
1 quart hot


- Handmade To Go!
Handmade Tortillas To Go!!
1 dozen
Handmade Tortillas To Go!!
½ dozen

El Tapatio Going Light

- Ask for FREE Baked Chips with your order
Pollo a la Plancha
4 ounces of chicken breast marinated in lime juice, grilled to perfection. Served with veggies and a salad.
Tapatio Light Burrito
4 ounces of beef or chicken sauteed with poblano peppers, corn, green onion, tomatoes and onions. Served with low fat sour cream, and garnished with pico de gallo. Wrapped in a tortilla (optional).
Doña Chuy Salad (House Salad)
Fresh salad greens combined with avocado, onions,fresh lemon juice.
Doña Chuy Salad (House Salad) add Lime Chicken
Fresh salad greens combined with avocado, onions,fresh lemon juice.
Grilled Vegetables
Grilled bell peppers, onion and tomatoes served with grilled corn, rice and beans and tortillas.